The Late Neolithic settlement Dimini was a culture name. The village is located about five kilometers southwest of Volos in Thessaly, Greece. Its name from the archaeological site of the present-day the nearby village Dimini. The Neolithic settlement is well structured and the pottery found there is also the Late Neolithic period (4th millennium BC) in Greece her name. The Dimini culture follows the Sesklo culture.

Settlement site

For the Neolithic settlement are several ring walls that run around the hill, characteristic. In the walls of several additions have been left to the center of the plant on the hilltop. The center is marked by a hofähnlichen place that is stood by smaller buildings and a larger megaronförmigen house. The houses of the Neolithic village were not only on the hill, but were also scattered in the environment. From Mycenaean times, however, a grave dome, which is dated to the second half of the 13th century BC dates. The grave complex was built into the hill.