Dimitri Reinderman

Dimitri Reinderman ( born August 12, 1972 in Hoorn ) is a Dutch chess player and coach who wears the Grandmaster title since 1998.


With the Dutch national team he participated as a player in the European Championship 1999 in Batumi in part, in which he an individual gold medal for his score of 6 points from 8 games ( 4 = 4 -0 ) received the first reserve board ( Elo performance 2674 ). Reinderman was Dutch national coach of the female youth national team. In 2008, he was in the preparation and during the Chess Olympiad 2008 National Coach of South Africa.

In 1991, he took second place in Nijmegen in the Dutch U18 Championship. In the U20 European Championship of the year 1991/92 in Terneuzen - Sas van Gent he reached a split second - third Place at the U20 World Youth Championship in 1992 in Buenos Aires in third place. Also in the U26 World Cup in 1995 in Leeuwarden he finished third. In July 2007 he won the chess tournament of suffering, in November 2007, the 12th Cultural Village Tournament in Wijk aan Zee. In the Dutch Individual Championship, he finished in April 2008 after January Smeets second place. In August 2008, he won the discharged him in honor Reinderman Open in Cape Town, in August 2009, with 1.5 points ahead of Friso Nijboer the BDO Tournament in Haarlem. In August 2012, he won the HZ Chess Tournament in Vlissingen before Gil Popilski. The Dutch Individual Championship he won for the first time in July 2013 in Amsterdam.

In Germany, he plays for the SG Porz, with the 1999 he was German team champion. In the Netherlands he played for various teams: for Philidor Leeuwarden, Van Berkel / BSG, Magnus / BSG, VastNed Rotterdam, Rotterdam SO, Schrijvers Rotterdam and since 2010 for Ricoh Purmerend. His previous highest Elo rating was 2618 (as of July 2011).

Magic: The Gathering

He is also a professional player of the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering, where he finished up in sixth place for the Pro Tour and qualified for the Grand Prix 2006 in Hasselt. He has worked with state December 1, 2011 13 Lifetime Pro Points.