Dimitry of Rostov

Dimitri Tuptalo (Russian Димитрий Туптало, real name Даниил Саввич Туптало / Daniil Sawwitsch Tuptalo; * 11 Dezemberjul / December 21 1651greg in Makarov in Kiev, .. .. † 28 Oktoberjul / November 8 1709greg in Rostov ) was from 1702 to 1709 Metropolitan in Rostov.


Dimitri of Rostov came from a noble family. His father was Savva Grigorjewitsch Tuptalo († January 5, 1703 ), his mother Marija Mikhailovna († March 29, 1689 ). 1660 the family moved to Kiev. 1662-1665 he studied at the College, the Metropolitan Petro Mohyla had founded. Then he entered Kiev in the monastery of St. Cyril. On July 9, 1668, he received the name Dimitri at the monk ordination. On May 23, 1675 he was consecrated in Trinity Monastery Gustyn ( circle Pryluky ) a priest monk. Dimitrij characterized by firmness of character, scholarship, and the gift of the word. In 1675 he preached in Chernihiv, 1677 Sluzk and 1679 Baturyn. His speeches were typical of the Baroque period: metaphors, allegories, emblems, literary tropes, rhetorical figures, questions and exclamations were frequent. In 1681 he was Hegumen in Verklärungskloster Maksakow ( circle Borsna ), in 1682 Nicholas Monastery in Baturyn. In 1684 he began his life's work, called the book of life of the saints, Leseminäen. His sources were the Menologium of Symeon Metaphrastes that Leseminäen by Metropolitan Makari (1482-1563) and the Vitensammlungen the Bollandists. The Leseminäen Dimitris are common for centuries, found and will find a large readership. There has been no attempt to replace it with another work of this kind. 1694 Dimitri Hegumen was in the monastery of Saints Peter and Paul at Hluchiw, 1697 at the St. Cyril Monastery in Kiev and in 1699 Archimandrite Verklärungskloster in Novhorod - Seversky. On March 23, 1701 Dimitri was consecrated bishop in Moscow. On January 4, 1702, he became Metropolitan of Rostov and Yaroslavl. He worked primarily for the training of clergy and eliminated abuses. On April 22, 1757 Dimitrij was canonized. His feast day is on 28 Oktober/10. November.