Dina ( Hebrew: דִּינָה, modern Hebrew pronunciation: Dina, Tiberian vocalization: Dinah; German: " justified ", " directed " ) was the only daughter of Jacob and Leah, who is mentioned by name in the Old Testament of the Bible. She was born in Haran as 11 of their 12 (half ) brothers.

The narrative in the Bible

Dinas birth by her mother Lea is mentioned in Genesis 30:21: " Then she gave birth to a daughter, who gave it the name Dina ". After gene 46.7 EU Dina is not the only daughter of Jacob. She is almost 14 years old when she finds 34,29 ELB mention in the Book gene. In the biblical story they like Shechem, son of Hamor Hivite, a wealthy prince from Canaan, so much so that he kidnapped and raped. Out of love, he asks his father to be allowed to marry Dinah. This in turn will discuss the request of his son Jacob with sons who agree only on the condition that all men are circumcised Shechem tribe. Only by circumcision, the covenant of God with Abraham, a marriage would not be possible. Hamor and Shechem consent; the men of the same city of Shechem be circumcised.

Three days later - by the physical interference are all weakened by fever - attacked two full brothers of Dinah, Simeon and Levi, the city and kill all the male inhabitants. The city itself is largely destroyed. The shame that had been done to Dina, is to be repaid.

What then happens with Dina, reveals about the Bible not say a word. One reason could be that at this time families, clans, tribes and nations are named after their ancestor, never after the mother ( cf. origin myths).


In the so-called between testamentary literature Dina regarded as Job's wife (eg Testament of Job and Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum ).

In Thomas Mann's novel Joseph and his brothers, their is a separate chapter in the first volume of The Tales of Jacob ( 1933).

Anita Diamant is Dina in her novel "The Red Tent Women " ( The Red Tent; 1997) figure and voice, The fathers story is also a maternal and women's history.