Dionysius Periegetes

Dionysius of Alexandria ( Dionysius Periegetes ) was a native of Alexandria, a Greek geographer of the 2nd century AD Its origin is not known, possibly Alexandria. He is the author of the tes by 124 published Periegesis oikumenes ( Περιήγεσις τής οἰκουμένης ), a description of the known world in 1186 hexameters.

Its by purity and elegance of language itself auszeichnendes plant was used by Avienus in the 4th century AD in his work Descriptio orbis terrae as a basis and translated by Priscian in Latin hexameters. Eustathius of Thessalonica wrote a comment. Until the Middle Ages the work of a valued and often commented textbook remained.

Life-history and identity of the author have long been the subject of uncertainty and debate. Jacob Burckhardt identified Dionysius (probably wrongly ) with the author of the Bassa Rika, an epic about the deeds of Dionysus. Due to an entry in Suda Dionysius was also identified with Dionysius of Byzantium. Gottfried Bern Hardy assumed that he wrote at the end of the 3rd or early 4th century.

More recent studies by Ulrich Bernays can be the origin of Alexandria and the time of emergence to 124 are considered to be backed up. Two acrostics call the poet's name and home (v. 109-134 ), and the date of origination ( " as Hadrian in Samothrace eponymous king ", verse 513-532 ).

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