Diourbel - Jurbel in Wolof dialect - is a town in the west of Senegal in 150 kilometers from the capital, Dakar, east of Thies.

The city has according to an estimate from the year 2007 100.445 inhabitants ( 2002 census: 95 984 1988: 76 548 ) and is the capital of the administrative unit (department) and the larger region Diourbel.

The main income of the population is the local branch of peanut cultivation. The desertification of the environment become increasingly arid resulted in the recent past to rural exodus and deep depletion, the measure was found to be malnutrition in infants and even more clearly in the neighboring city of Touba, a foundation of Muridiyya to show.

Several parties and political associations have their headquarters in Diourbel: the Mouvement des citoyens pour une démocratie de développement, the Mouvement national des serviteurs of the masses and the Parti populaire sénégalais.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Jacques Baudin (* 1939), politician
  • Ousmane Mane (* 1990), football player
  • Makhtar Vincent N'Diaye (born 1973 ), basketball player