Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement ( Diploma Supplement, the Notes to the certificate, degree program explanation ) is related to the creation of the European Higher Education Area (so-called Bologna process ) imported and the tracking of the conclusion of a study prescribed in a modularized according to the ECTS course public document, which by the appropriate academic department (typically examination Office, Admissions Office, etc.) will be issued. It is either at the same time supplied with the certificate or issued at the request of the candidate. They may be made in any language; an English version is common in addition to the national language.

The Diploma Supplement of the completed program is explained in detail. The structure of this document follows a specification of the German Rectors' Conference. There are, in particular, particulars of:

  • Admission requirements ( admission to study )
  • Competency goals
  • Course Content (Modules); the list of all events visited with touch does not belong in a Diploma Supplement, although this is partly handled so. Such an overview is the so-called transcript ( of Records ) reserved.
  • Vocational ( especially occupational ) availability of knowledge acquired during the studies ( uplifting programs, promotion, careers in the public service, so-called "regulated " professions).

The Diploma Supplement is part of the portfolio of European training passport, the Euro pass. For accounts of the training is in the € Euro Pass certificate supplement available.

  • Academic Education
  • Degree or certificate