Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland

The Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS ) is a research project of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences Edition to important documents to the Swiss foreign relations and contemporary history. The project consists of a multi-volume file edition in book form as well as the online database Dodi.


In contrast to other acts editions foreign policy the DDS are not state-controlled project, but a product of free inquiry. The research group selects the documents according to defined criteria independently and is solely committed to scientific principles. The researchers want to trace with the selection of documents corresponding to the Switzerland international relations in its main features and to obtain its diverse aspects. The basic research of DDS is to facilitate historians and historians an introduction to a specific topic or an overview of major litigation.


The Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland are a company of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences ( SAHS ) and are under the patronage of the Swiss Society for the History ( SGG ). The Academy has taken over the financing and administration of the project in January 2000. Previously, the DDS were funded in large part by the Swiss National Fund for Scientific Research ( SNF). The project is also supported by the Swiss Federal Archives (SFA ), where the Centre is located, and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs ( DFA). The Research Centre DDS is headed by a Director. This is the Commission's DDS accountable, which is composed of representatives of the sponsoring organizations as well as professors of the Historical Institute in Switzerland.


1972 took a group of historians, the initiative for the publication of documents for the study of Swiss foreign policy and international relations of Switzerland. Between 1979 and 1997, published fifteen volumes, covering the period 1848-1945. Each volume was supervised by a research group at a Swiss university. Mid-90s, the project was restructured: During the planning of the second series of DDS and the design of an online database you proceeded to replace the changing research teams through a permanent research station with fixed allocated employees. With the start of work on the second series of the DDS for the period of 1945-1989 In 1997, the Internet database Dodi online.


Volumes DDS

The multi-volume edition files to illustrate the basic principles, the guidelines and the basic realities of international relations of Switzerland. Be reprinted therefore primarily texts that reveal a general alignment of Swiss foreign relations or the enormously influential on at a given time, this orientation. In the period 1979 to 1997, a period of time the 1848-1945 covering first series of 15 volumes was published. These were retrospectively digitized and can be searched in the online directory of Federal government publications with full text search. The second series of 1945-1989 should be completed by 2020 and also include 15 volumes. At present, the period 1964-1969 (Volumes 23-24) bearbeitet.Band 24 was published in 2012 by Sacha Zala in Chronos Verlag, Zurich, and covers the period from 1 January 1967 to 31 December 1969.

Online database Dodi

Dodi is the online database of the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS). She currently provides comprehensive information on 12,000 documents, 30,000 people, 12,000 organizations, 3,000 geographical names and 1,500 bibliographic references relating to the foreign relations of Switzerland. The relational database work complementary to the files edition and to certain aspects of international relations explain more precise and detailed. The several thousand documents on Dodi have as opposed to filing Edition in printed form no comments, however, are beschlagwortet and indexed according to scientific criteria. Dodi shows the document as an image (scan in PDF format ).