Dyptique (French for " diptych" to German " two-piece " ) is a world-renowned Parisian fragrance company, which was founded in 1961. All Eaux de Toilette have been designed as unisex fragrances. The world's most famous toilet waters are Philosykos ( German: "fig friend," Modern Greek: φιλόσυκος ) and L' eau ( German: "Water ").


The company was founded in 1961 by Desmond Knox - Leet, Christiane Gautrot and Yves Coueslant. They opened a retail store on the Boulevard Saint- Germain in Paris. First, they offered different fabrics, home furniture and also English perfumes. In 1963, the first fragrance candle was offered as a self- creation. Only in 1968 led the store the first own Eau de Toilette called " L' eau" in the range. From this point, the company's strategy and the sale of Eaux de toilette, room fragrances and scented candles changed was the main business. In 2005, the company Diptyque of an equity fund Manzanita Capital Ltd. was. bought in London.

The store is still the headquarters of the company and is on the label of each bottle of perfume. In Paris, the company has two more boutiques. The boutique is also found in London, Boston and San Francisco.


  • Several scented candles with a selection of different fragrance types (eg: floral, fruity, herbaceous, woody and spicy )
  • Scents, also with a choice of fragrances
  • Eau de Toilette: L' eau (1968), L' autre (1973 ), L' eau trois (1975 ), L' ombre dans l' eau (1983 ), Eau lente (1986 ), Olene (1988 ), Eau D ' elide (1988 ), Virgilio (1990 ), Philosykos (1996 ), Ofrésia (1999), Opone (2000), Oyédo (2000), Jardin clos (2003), Tam Dao (2003), Do Son (2005), Eau de lierre (2006)
  • Vinaigre de Toilette: an eau de toilette, which is based on vinegar
  • Perfumed soaps