Direct Media Interface

Direct Media Interface ( Direct Media Interface, abbreviated DMI ) is the name of a bus on the motherboard.


DMI is an interface between the Northbridge and the Southbridge. About the Northbridge, the main processor (CPU), memory ( RAM) and the AGP slot graphics card are connected. The southbridge controls the I / O interfaces such as hard drives, USB or network interfaces.

The Northbridge is now also Memory Controller Hub ( -distributing memory manager ), because processed via that distribution information between the processor and memory. The corresponding name of Southbridge 's I / O Controller Hub ( input-output distribution ) in accordance with their distribution function for single- and output information.


With a speed of 266 MB / s, the hub introduced since 1999 interface was ( cf. Intel ICH, Section ICH5 ) become particularly for gigabit network cards too slow, so that they were connected, bypassing the hub interface with its own data cable to the Northbridge. In the put on the market in July 2004 Intel 9xx series chipset in connection with the introduction of PCI Express Fast Direct Media Interface is the connection between North and South Bridge from the hub interface to 2.0GB / s switched.


The following Northbridge devices support DMI:

  • Intel 915- series
  • Intel 925 - series
  • Intel 945- series
  • Intel 955 - series
  • Intel 965 - series
  • Intel P35
  • Intel P45
  • Intel P55
  • Intel X38
  • Intel X48
  • Intel X58

The following Southbridge devices support DMI:

  • ICH6
  • ICH7
  • ICH8
  • ICH9
  • ICH10
  • PCH