Director General is the name for the head of a larger institution, under the generally more directors are working for individual areas.

This term has no legal significance in Germany. There, the company directors are known as " Managing Director" (for a corporation) or " CEO " or " Board " means (in the case of a corporation ). The title " General" since the 1970s is true in Germany, even in the company's internal use, as antiquated.


The function of the Director General, there are in particular:

  • For large companies, or in corporations: In business enterprises was found in German-speaking countries the title and the name Director General position for the top boss.
  • In hotels, international hotel chains, the directors of the individual hotels are General Manager ( Director Generals ). You have, depending on the requirements of the house, other directors for sale, Human Resources Department (food ), etc. among themselves.
  • In the German Democratic Republic by a Director General was the head of a combine.
  • In museums (also General curator), theaters and opera houses (also: General Director )
  • An official title for high ministry.
  • In Austria, the minister or department head is usually dictated by several heads of sections or section head, it is the department head but also allowed to appoint a director general of his ministry.
  • In many other governments (eg French: Directeur général - ) analog
  • The head of the European Commission DGs are called General.