Directors Guild of America

The Directors Guild of America ( DGA) is a trade union of American directors.


It represents the rights and interests of over 13,400 directors (July 2007) from the film, theater, advertising and television industry. The DGA was established in 1960 from the merger of the Screen Directors Guild ( founded in 1936 ) and the Radio and Television Directors Guild (est. 1947). It is headquartered in Hollywood. Acting President since 2009, the director Taylor Hackford.

The DGA awards every year since 1948 ( from the Screen Actors Guild justified) the Directors Guild of America Award (short: DGA Award) in several categories.

Some directors, including George Lucas and Robert Rodriguez, are not members of the Association. These directors may at any film of the major American film studios to direct, as these studios are contractually bound only directors who are members of the Association are to undertake ( closed shop ).