Dirk van der Aa

Dirk van der Aa (* 1731 in The Hague, † February 23, 1809 ) was a Dutch painter who is known primarily for his allegories.


Van der Aa undertook several study trips to Paris before he pupil of Johann Heinrich Keller in The Hague from 1755. Later he studied at the otherwise little-known coach painter Gerrit Mes, with whom he was referring also shared a studio. There, they worked mainly of decorative paintings for room facilities, panels and carriages. Up to his death, Van der Aa acted as a member of Renswoude Foundation, where on July 25, 1809 held an auction of his artistic legacy.

Van der Aa painted in skilful composition and safer drawing allegories with cupids, where he followed inter alia contemporary French painters. On the occasion of the feeder William V in The Hague designed Van der Aa 1768 the design for the triumphal arch, which is presently located in the Print Room in Amsterdam. In the house of the Baron van Heeckeren van Kell ( Lange Voorhout 32 in The Hague), he painted a room with wallpaper with Arcadian landscapes.

Among the pupils Van der Aa counted Evert Morel, Cornelis Kuipers, Louis Moritz and his nephew Jacob van der Aa.

His works are valued today at the art market, with up to 100,000 U.S. dollars.