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Dirlewang is a market in the Swabian district Unterallgaeu and office of the Management Community Dirlewang.

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Dirlewang lies in the Danube-Iller region in Central Swabia, about 30 km east of Memmingen.

Expansion of the municipal area

The municipality consists of the districts Dirlewang, Altensteig and Helchenried.

To Dirlewang includes the villages of Alesrain, Altensteig, Eberscholl, Helchenried Leutenhof, Easter Lauchdorf and Wall Ried. The villages Beiburg, Holzhauserin, Luwang, Tannburg and weighting stone were disposed of.


Populated area of the market which was now probably since Roman times, as evidenced by excavations and grave finds. The municipal area several Roman brick kilns were excavated.

Was first documented " Durniwanc " in the year 919 before the 1400 market place Dirlewang collected belonged to the rule Mindelheim the Electorate of Bavaria since 1617. Since the congregation of 1818 Dirlewang is municipality.


In the course of municipal reform, the municipalities Helchenried closed on 1 April 1972, Altensteig on July 1, 1972.

Population Development

On the territory of the municipality were 1970 1.540, 1987, 1762 and 2000 counted 2,098 residents a year. In the year 2008 2.190 inhabitants were counted.


Mayor is Alois Mayer ( Nonpartisan Wählergem. ). The municipal tax revenues were converted to T € 781 in 1999, which amounted to the trade tax revenues ( net) converted 101 T €.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " whose base are made of silver and blue blocks Azure, between two silver towers built, a closed golden gate with Einlasspförtchen in silver wall."

Even before 1400 decreed the place Dirlewang on the market right, but only in 1725 its own coat of arms by Elector Max Emanuel II, he was initially as a seal awarded by Bavaria. The historical coat of arms of the market is its content difficult to interpret. So the red box is the same color with the main color of the coat of arms of the former princely pin Kempten, which had for several centuries Dirlewang as a fief until 1587 to Hans Fugger went on sale. The gate with Einlasstürchen between two towers were variously occasion for a naive and certainly incorrect interpretation of the heraldic image of the place name ( for Dirle = Türlewang = open). Much more likely, however should be pointed out as secured by the coat of arms at the time the special rights of the market as the High court, the freedom of the Frondienstleistung and market rights under Bavarian law ( colors white and blue).


The flag was approved on August 30, 1990 communication from the Government of Swabia.

The flag is yellow - blue striped with applied coat of arms.

The design of the community flag took over the Freising Theodor Goerge.

Culture and sights


→ List of monuments in Dirlewang

Economy and infrastructure

Economy, agriculture and forestry

There were 1998 in the field of Agriculture and Forestry 7, in the production sector and 207 in the area of ​​trade and transport 58 persons work at the workplace. In other areas, were employed to social security at the workplace 83 people. Social insurance contributions at residence, there were a total of 708 in the manufacturing sector, there were two farms, in construction operations 6. In addition, in 1999, there were 61 farms with an agricultural area of 1361 ha, of which were hectares of arable land and 1070 hectares of permanent grassland.

Dirlewanger civic battery

In May 2011, Mayor Alois Mayer announced that there are plans for a pumped storage power plant at Dirlewang. Dirlewang location selected for several reasons.

  • Regular floods, which are retained by a newly constructed dam.
  • Nahegeleger Rosskopf, an approximately 700 meter high mountain, on which the reservoir is to be built
  • Vorbeiführende power line with transformer station. So it is not a new line is required.

The net is additionally loaded with 6.18 megawatts, which is electricity for 20,000 people, which can be stored for six hours.


Dirlewang is situated on the national highway 16, which runs from Roding via Regensburg to Fuessen. The A96 is about three kilometers away (exit Mindelheim ).

The place is a hub for bus and coach and is on the lines 912 ( Mindelheim - Dirlewang ), 913 ( Dirlewang - Baisweil ), 914 ( Mindelheim - Binkenhofen ) and 912 ( Dirlewang - Erisried ). The nearest train station is about five kilometers away Mindelheim station.


In 2005 there were the following facilities:

  • Kindergartens: 100 kindergarten places with 92 children
  • Elementary schools: 1 with 18 teachers and 351 students


  • Johann Michael Franz (1715-1793), German Baroque artist, was born here
  • Engelbert Buxbaum (1831-1911), mechanical engineer and member of the Reichstag
  • Karl von Brug (1855-1923), Bavarian general and aviation pioneer