Disavowed is a death metal band from the Dutch province of North Brabant, was formed in 2000 from the remnants of Nocturnal Silence. They are similar to bands like Suffocation, Pyrexia, Vader or Dying Fetus, which they take as a model of style.

Band History

In 2000 the band decided at that time still under the name Nocturnal Silence to make a fresh start and to reformat. They wanted more brutal henceforth more and more structured play Death Metal. In the same year the demo "Point Of Few" was the American label Unique Leader Records took notice of the band and took them under contract. In 2001, the first studio album Perceptive Deception appeared. In 2002 she started a five -week tour of the U.S. and Canada and a year later a four-week tour of Europe. In the summer of 2005 had drummer Robbe Vrijenhoek leave the band due to a serious hand injury and was replaced by drummer on Dirk Janssen. There were other shows, including Japan and Hong Kong. In May 2006, Dirk Janssen surprisingly left the band again and Romain Goulon took his place on drums.

After a few festivals in the summer of the same year, the band began recording their second album Stagnated Existence. In order to market their album they went in March 2007 along with Cannibal Corpse on their second European tour also. On 10 October 2007 then Stagnated Existence was released by Dutch indie label Neurotic Records, which in contrast to the debut album was even more brutal. To which she appeared in an issue of the Dutch magazine Metal Aardschok. There followed then more shows, as a pledge for the Maryland Death Fest, which was but then canceled. In September, the band announced that Romain Goulon is changed to Necrophagist and a new drummer was wanted. Six months later, Morten Løwe was named as the new drummer, after which they went, among others, the Canadian band Beneath the Massacre on tour. But this did not last long and left the band in the summer of 2009. A three - quarters of a year later, Kevin Foley was announced as a new member on drums, with whom she attended in August 2010 in Switzerland at the Mountains of Death. The gig in June 2010 for the Death Feast Open Air had to be canceled.



  • 2001: Perceptive Deception
  • 2007: Stagnated Existence

Demos and EPs