Discone antenna

The discone antenna ( English portmanteau of, disc ' ( disc ) and cone' (cone ) ) is a broadband omni-directional antenna.

A discone antenna is coupled asymmetric and provides a frequency-independent impedance, which depends only on the angle of the cone. In the technical realization, however, limit the maximum dimensions of the cone and plate, the cut-off frequencies.

The beam angle is very flat, the polarization is vertical. The antenna gain of discone antennas is 3 to 4 dBi.

Deployment and use

Discone antennas are characterized by their wide bandwidth ideal for radio monitoring tasks as well as the simultaneous use of multiple frequency bands, eg 2 m/70 cm/23 cm amateur radio bands. Thus, for example, offers the discone broadband antenna station AH -8000 ICOM a usable frequency range from 100 MHz to 3300 MHz.