Discovery Channel (Canada)

Discovery Channel is a Canadian, English-language Category A specialty stations headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The station broadcasts mainly documentaries and reports in the areas of nature, adventure, research and science, and technology sciences. The transmitter is 80 % to Bell Media and 20% to the U.S. company Discovery Communications (20 %).


The station was licensed in 1994. The send operation started on 1 January 1995. Was the operator of the transmitter NetStar Communications Inc. On 24 October 2000 the competent supervisory authority, the Canadian Radio -television and Telecommunications Commission ( CRTC ), the 80 % acquisition of the sender by CTV Inc. Since approved the year 2011, the station belongs to Bell Media.


Many programs are taken from the U.S. Discovery Channel. Some programs, reports and documentaries are also produced by the Discovery Channel Canada itself. The transmitter sends a scientific newscast, the Daily Planet daily. Many of the imported U.S. Discovery Channel broadcasts are slightly offset in time broadcast in Canada. The show, for example, The Deadliest Catch was broadcast a month later than in the United States.

More shows are to be sent:

  • Disaster Detectives
  • Discovery Sunday Showcase
  • Monster Monday
  • Supercharged Saturday
  • Ultimate
  • Wild Discovery
  • World's Greatest Mysteries

Selection of Canadian productions

  • Mayday - Alarm in the cockpit
  • Against All Odds
  • Acorn the Nature Nut
  • Aerospace
  • Beastly countdown
  • Beyond Invention
  • Birth of a Sports Car
  • Blueprint for Disaster
  • Breaking Point
  • Break It Down
  • Building the Biggest
  • Megaworld
  • Mean Machines
  • Mean Green Machines
  • Mighty Ships

Discovery Channel HD

On June 17, 2011 Bell Media announced that Discovery Channel will be broadcast in parallel to the normal standard format in HDTV. The HDTV channel from Discovery Channel began two months later, on August 18, 2011 with the transmit mode.


The transmitter is fed to the digital cable network of multi- cable system operators. Thus, the transmitter is virtually nationwide receivable. The station is broadcast via satellite by Bell TV and Shaw Direct. In addition, also be received by Bell Fibe IPTV TV, Bell Aliant, MTS, TV appearance ( in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec), and SaskTel.