Discovery HD

Discovery HD was one of the first high-definition television channels in Germany. He sent on the Sky Germany pay- TV platform. As a commercial broadcaster with headquarters in Munich was approved on 13 October 2005 Discovery HD from the Bavarian Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting ( BLM). At the meeting of competent Media Council obtain a broadcasting license for a period of eight years was granted. On November 30, 2012, the station was discontinued and replaced by a simulcast program from the Discovery Channel.

General Information

Discovery HD was designed as a 24 - hour German -language program, which aired its program Discovery productions in high definition picture quality and digital sound. Program organizer of the canal was the Discovery Communications Germany GmbH, which has, among other things, the broadcasting licenses of other pay-TV channels.

As part of the introduction of high definition digital television by the end of 2005 Premiere Fernsehen GmbH & Co.KG, Munich Discovery HD was common in Germany.

Transmission times

The encrypted pay-TV channel broadcast daily around the clock from 0:00 clock to 24:00 clock an aligned on documentation program.


The program of high-definition channel, Discovery HD was made up of many different genres. The thematic mapping of individual consignments to a basic program scheme was not possible in this channel. Of content, the program dealt with various documentations of the various areas. Overall, the station had broadcast material of the areas nature, animals, travel and adventure, science and technology, history, contemporary history, to lifestyle and reports. The station slogan was: Discovery HD - More reality.


The program was digitally transmitted via satellite and cable networks, while it was in each case to an encrypted program signal, which was strictly be received as part of a subscription to the pay- TV provider Sky Germany on the above distribution channels. In order to receive the program, however, a decoder for decoding the received signal was required. Thus, Discovery HD was received via cable (cable Germany ) with the following receiver settings:

  • Channel: K27, or channel untagged
  • Frequency: 522 MHz, or 73 MHz
  • Symbol rate: 6,900 MSym / s
  • Modulation: 256 QAM

Received via satellite to Discovery HD under the following reception parameters:

  • Satellite: ASTRA transponder 75
  • Frequency: 11.9145 MHz
  • Symbol Rate: 27,500 MSym / s
  • FEC: 9/10