Discovery (Mike-Oldfield-Album)


Discovery is a studio album by the British artist Mike Oldfield from the year 1984.


The idea to bring a long instrumental piece together with sung songs on an album that Oldfield had previously at Five Miles Out Crises and later also in Iceland; However, The Lake is s long time in last place and in contrast to the more than 20 -minute works of the above, only 12 min 11.

Oldfield recorded the album in Switzerland and wrote in the booklet: "Recorded in the Swiss Alps at 2000 meters within sight of Lake Geneva on sunny days" ( German: " Recorded in the Swiss Alps, at 2,000 meters asl, on sunny days with view of Lake Geneva "); this lake also inspired him to The Lake.

Mike Oldfield used to hold several guitars, including a Gibson SG and a modified Gibson Les Paul Junior. As a synthesizer Roland GR -300 and the main instrument is a Fairlight CMI was used.

As a singer participated Barry Palmer of the German band triumvirate and the already known from the previous album Crises Maggie Reilly. Ironically, the two never met despite a duet with Tricks of the Light in the studio, the parts were recorded separately. Simon Phillips took over the drums again and participated in the production of the album.

Title list


The album reached # 15 on the album charts in the UK. In Germany, the album reached the top position and stayed there for 9 weeks. The single reached # 6 To France In Switzerland, the album reached the top position in Austria, it rose to number 3


To France was coupled on June 16, 1984 as a single. The B-side was the non-album track In the pool, on the Maxi song Bones was additionally included. The single reached the top 10 in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. In the UK they came only at # 48

The opening titles To France is from the perspective of Mary Stuart, the famous queen of Scotland from the 16th century, sung. Maria I. was already the target of numerous artistic edits from Friedrich Schiller's play Mary Stuart to the film Mary, Queen of Scotland.

The German metal band Blind Guardian coverte the song on their compilation The Forgotten Tales.

Another single from the album was the song Tricks of the Light, which was coupled on 1 September 1984 with the Afghan B-side. It reached number 46 in the German single charts.