Discrepancy theory

The term discrepancy (from the Latin dis - crepare, rip apart ', miscellaneous creak ' ) refers to an inconsistency or a mismatch in speech, but also in the actions of individuals, for example in relation to two statements or facts.

A discrepancy of statements made, for example, when manifest itself witnesses to the happening of a traffic accident deviating or contradictory.

For example, if a politician is quite different after an election, as he has previously announced or promised, one speaks in this context of a discrepancy between words and actions.

Discrepancy (mathematics)

In mathematics discrepancy refers to the deviation of a mathematical object of an ideal state; generally speaking, the fact that certain ideal conditions, such as uniformly distributed point sets or sequences can be achieved only with restrictions. In the theory of uniform distribution modulo 1 is called the discrepancy of a sequence, the deviation of the distribution of this sequence from the uniform distribution.