Disney Channel (Germany)

The German Disney Channel is an offshoot of the U.S. Disney Channel. He started on 16 October 1999 at pay-TV and moved on January 17, 2014 after a roughly two-month hiatus from free to air television.


As pay-TV channels (1999 to 2013)

On 6 May 1999, the Buena Vista ( Germany) GmbH presented to the Bavarian Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting ( BLM) the application for a nation-wide entertainment program called Disney Channel. This was ultimately approved by the BLM on 22 July 1999.

The German branch of the Disney Channel thus went on 16 October 1999 with the slogan Your idea transmitter. initially only at Premiere World as part of the package Family World on cable and Astra, on the air. Before setting the pay- TV distribution could receive it via cable or satellite via the digital pay-TV platform Sky, the digital pay - TV platform Tele Club, as well as the IPTV service Entertain Telekom Deutsche Telekom.

The Disney Channel Germany beamed Disney series and movies from before their free-TV premiere. In the autumn - winter 2008, the Disney Channel wanted to change his program to the 16:9 format, it did not. When this is the case, it was not clear at that time. At the start of transmission Benedict Weber was the main presenter; However, he was one of many. From 2008 Isabella Soric regularly moderated special programs such as Camp Rock Extra or HSM3 - The fanshow. Small specials were often moderated by Lea Kalbhenn. Until November 29, 2013 Amy Mosul and Benedikt Weber moderated small specials, as well as great shows like " Shake it up! Dancing is Everything - The Great Disney Dance Show " for the Disney Channel. "Hannah Montana": On 21 March 2009, the Disney Channel was first broadcast 24 hours only one series. Corresponding marathons followed later with "Wizards of Waverly Place" and "Vicky the Viking ". For the tenth anniversary of the transmitter, the series JONAS was - The series erstausgestrahlt. On 8 December 2011, the logo, which was already known a few months earlier by spots, changed and used during the program was.

The HD offshoot of the old Disney Channel was broadcast via Tele Columbus and since December 24, 2011, on Sky.

The distribution of the Disney Channel in SD and HD in the pay- TV has been set on 29 November 2013.

As a free- to-air television stations (since 2014)

In September 2012, The Walt Disney Company acquired the station The Fourth of Mini Movie International, but refrained for now for more details. In April 2013, Disney announced plans to replace the Fourth by a free- to-air Disney Channel. On January 1, 2014 by 0 clock presented the Fourth with a farewell trailer began broadcasting a; it was followed by the intrusion of a trailer, the information on the contents of the new Disney Channel. On January 17, 2014 by 6 clock the Disney Channel began broadcasting started again with the first set to music cartoon the cartoon character Mickey Mouse, Steamboat Willie. At the same time the HD offshoot went over the fee- HD offer encrypted via satellite back on the air. The slogan of the transmitter since the restart on free-TV " Disney for all of us ."


During the day, from 06:00, the program is aimed at children, teenagers and young adults. In the evening from 20:15 to increasingly be addressed, as well as programs for the whole family are sent a female target group. An example is the new Disney Channel not only current Disney productions program, but also classics like Aristocats, Cinderella and The Muppet Show. In addition, shipments of ABC and ABC Family and PIXAR productions should find their place and round off with German productions the program. The aim of the new channel is to make the Disney brand known in Germany.

Accompanying program webpage is also offered by the program organizers. The teletext is officially responsible as stated by the imprint of The Fourth GmbH, but the editorial is about contact addresses of the broadcaster ( e -mail: " @ disney.de " ) accessible. Program is organized by The Fourth GmbH.


One of the moderators of the Disney Channel during the pay- TV time included, among others:

  • Caroline Grove (1999-2002, Live @ Five)
  • Mary Amiri (1999-2002, Live @ Five)
  • Benedict Weber (1999-2013, Live @ Five, Beni Querbeet, Art Attack )
  • Andrea Kaiser (2002, Live @ Five)
  • Isabella Soric (2008-2013, special programs )
  • Lea Kalbhenn (2008-2013, specials )
  • Dennis Wilms (2004-2006, A star for you, X Tieria - Track Search )
  • Jasmin Wagner (2004-2006, A star for you)
  • Berit Sochor (2004, X - Tieria - Track Search )
  • Sabrina El Ahl
  • Amy Mosul (2005-2013, Premiere Party for ... Fanshows )

Moderators of the Disney Channel on free TV.

  • Nova Meier Henrich (since 2014, Ducks & Friends )
  • Tahnee Schaffarczyk (since 2014, Disney Family Time )
  • Marco Ströhlein (since 2014, Disney Family Time )


The free- to-air Disney Channel took over the distribution channels of the Fourth via satellite Astra 1M and cable television in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Sent in addition in the North German (Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig -Holstein) and in the Berlin area via DVB -T. Furthermore, there is in the German-speaking countries the possibility of receiving about Internet as live streaming and IPTV.


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