Display PostScript

Display PostScript is a limited extension to the PostScript language. With Display PostScript, the company NeXT in 1987, developed in collaboration with Adobe, a technique in which the screen display is done with PostScript. This should be a better WYSIWYG be reached because screen and print output are based on the same description language. The system was developed together with the company, and later marketed as Adobe Adobe product.

Unlike in OpenGL are the characters "drawn", whereby Type 1 fonts can be used on any (available ), which are also used in the printing industry.

PostScript is characterized by a very good dimensional stability.

Was used Display PostScript from NeXTStep, the operating system of NeXTcube / Next Station, a process developed by Steve Jobs' NeXT computer.

However, the display window is not contained PostScript system, but was intended to operate in conjunction with an existing windowing system, for example, X Windows. In this form, Display PostScript, and from companies such as Sun Microsystems, IBM and SGI was used on their workstations.

The operating system Mac OS X from Apple uses Quartz with a similar system for screen display, in contrast to Display PostScript is not used here PostScript as a data source, but uses the Portable Document Format.

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