When Disposable is known in business and art, all those supplies and elements of a product are subject to wear and therefore be replaced regularly (English " to dispose " ) must be.

These elements are mostly market economy is more important than the product delivered to the end customer itself is not infrequently even earned the disposables the actual money. Examples are:

  • Toner and ink cartridges in printers
  • Adjuvants in biological and chemical analyzers
  • Carbon dioxide cartridges in water conditioners
  • Packaged Kaffeeaufbrühsets
  • Brush heads for electric toothbrushes
  • Accumulators for multimedia products
  • In the military field cartridges and ammunition for weapons

Since these consumables can often be reproduced by other providers and cost-effective placed on the market no later than expiry of existing patents, the high-priced consumables the original manufacturer can no longer sell. Many manufacturers therefore try to protect themselves by building or legal action against replicas or even plagiarism. It even electronic security systems are used:

By inserting an electronic chip in a Disposable prevents foreign materials can be used in its own products. Simultaneously, a new, copyrightable intellectual property (the chip software) inserted into the product, which facilitates the legal defense against replicas.

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