Districts of Albania

The 36 counties of Albania are former administrative units. All local administrative tasks are now handled by the Komuna and Bashkia or at a higher level by the Qark authorities or prefect. The Qarqe often have local offices in the various circles. The Albanian name for circle is Rreth / i (plural: Rrethe ).

Although the circle of their administrative tasks were delivered, they are still provided in the law as territorial unity and the Albanian daily lives on today. Because the circles correspond in contrast to the parent Qarqe the traditional regions (for example, Mirdita, Dibra, Mat, Hat, Tropoja, Kolonja, Skrapar ), respectively, the cities with their traditional catchment area (for example, Tirana, Elbasan, Librazhd, Gramsh, Gjirokastra ). The license plate and the list of ISO 3166-2 codes for Albania are still divided always circles.

Two to four loops each form a Qark. The circles are divided into municipalities.

List of 36 circles