Districts of Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol

A district community is generally an individual local groups of a club or association parent organization of a district.

South Tyrol

In South Tyrol (Italy ) District Community means a special purpose association formed by municipalities. This Comprensoriale in Italian Comprensorio or Comunità said unit is roughly equivalent to an Austrian district.

Basis of the district communities was the Decree of the President of the Republic join No 987 of 10 June 1955 in which it was determined that several municipalities whose areas have been declared to the mountainous area (called a valley or mountain community ) to a " sticky end association " can. The cooperation of the communities was carried out on a voluntary basis. By National Law (South Tyrol ) No. 7 of 20 March 1991, the renaming of the valley communities was established in district communities and raised them simultaneously in the status of a public corporation.

Task of a South Tyrolean district community is the coordination of the cultural, social, economic and environmental development of the member municipalities. In addition the district communities are transferred many challenges facing the country ( province ) or the municipalities. These include, for example, social services as well as many environmental responsibilities.

The management bodies of a district community are:

  • District Council: Its function is to permit the corporation statutes, the budget and annual financial report. The county council is elected by the municipal councils according to the language group ratio ( proportional ) of the district.
  • District Committee: It implement the decisions of the District Council and manages the assets and financial resources of the district community.
  • District President: He shall preside over the county council and district committee and represents the district community to the outside.
  • Auditor: He is in control and management organ of the District Council and is elected by this.

Apart from the city of Bolzano each municipality belongs to a district community. These are: Burggrafenamt Eisacktal, Val Pusteria, Salten - Schlern, Überetsch sub- country, Vinschgau and Wipptal.


In Trentino there were up to their resolution 11 district communities. The state law (Trentino ) No. 3, however, initiated on 16 June 2006, a comprehensive administrative reform within the province of Trento, on the basis of 15 new valley communities were created.

Pictures of Districts of Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol