Ditzingen station

  • Black Forest Railway ( KBS 790.6 )


The train station is in Ditzingen Ditzingen at kilometer 7.7 of the Württemberg Black Forest Railway and is a station in the network of the Stuttgart S-Bahn.


After 1865 the Württemberg state decided to build a railway line through the Glemsgau, was the connection Ditzingens assured. Because the building around Ditzingen certain not only the favorable geographical location, but also influential nobleman who lived in the area and their estates cultivated. Trading and sales of goods was thus able to expand to Stuttgart. This saved the council the posting of petitions.

In Zuffenhausen of the northern railway branching off, the first scheduled train on September 23, 1868 reached the Ditzingen station, which was 300 meters south of the town. The continued construction of the route to Leonberg still delayed due to elaborate earthworks. The two-storey reception building of sandstone has been preserved.

The new means of transport used very few locals. Ditzingen remained dominated by agriculture. Daily delivered servants of the manor Hemmingen of milk and sent them for sale to Stuttgart. This brought the railway line in the population, the term milk train.

On 1 December 1869, the Royal Württemberg State Railways was able to complete the next section of the Black Forest Railway and the trains ran on to Weil der Stadt.

The population increased at now. However, the establishment of factories rose only from the beginning of the 20th century. 1910, the municipality for the first time over 2,000 inhabitants, of whom 113 were employed in away.

Since September 30, 1932, the section Ditzingen -Leonberg is two-pronged passable. The doubling of the section Korntal- Ditzingen presented the German Reichsbahn on May 11, completed in 1938. On May 15, 1939, she electrified the Black Forest Railway between Zuffenhausen and Leonberg.

To improve the suburban plans for the Stuttgart S-Bahn already emerged in the 1960s. The commissioning of the line S6 Weil der Stadt Stuttgart took place on 1 October 1978. Also, the station forecourt was given a new look. Since August 1987, he is presented with planting in front of the historic building.

Equipment and rail operations

On platforms, there is a main platform was due to the currently (as of 2010 ) degraded track 1, as well as a central platform, the tracks are located at the 2 and 3. The central platform is connected by an underpass on both sides to the place as well. Due to a barrier-free elevators designed by web on the north side On track 2 the trains of the Stuttgart S -Bahn direction Leonberg, on track 3 the. Towards Zuffenhausen Formerly existing tracks for freight handling are reduced or no longer in operation (as of 2010 ).

The Ditzingen station corresponds, according to the Deutsche Bahn AG, the train station category 4

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