Division (business)

One section is a summary of several points that meet common or directly related tasks and an instance ( line center) are assumed. As an organization unit it is an element of the organizational structure. The line instead of a department is also known as department head.

A department of education takes place in large organizations mainly. Further, the term implies division, that there are always several of these organizational units, because a single department would represent a company or a government agency as a whole. Departments can in turn be combined into larger organizational units ( departments, offices), until finally created a pyramidal structure places a hierarchy.

The Organization Department can act either as a line department with instruction and decision-making power or as a staff department without these powers.


Departments arise from the department of education of individual sites that are ranked and grouped according to certain criteria. Starting from an organizational order result for the organization management the following tasks:

  • The organizational analysis is the starting point for a reorganization of the organizational activity. It is based on the recording of information from the given date organizational structure, which is then subjected to an actual criticism to filter out weak points of the given organization.
  • The organization plan sets in the present, which organization structures should be created and implemented to a certain point in time. The organization planning precedes the practical organization design and tried the best possible implementation of targeted strategies.
  • The organizational design includes the realization of the planned organizational structure, that is the realization by actively realizing the organizational ideas. Here, the organization staff uses both organizational instruments of organizational goal attainment (target ) are useful.
  • The organization is based on introduction of a positive Organisationseinscheidung the management, the so expresses its consent to the proposals of the organization staff. The results of the new organizational structure will be documented and presented. Later, the organization is monitored by the target-actual comparison.

The Organization Department is supported in its activities by the organization controlling, perceives coordination, planning, monitoring and control tasks.

Department forms

A basic distinction ( divisional and functional differentiation ) between task-oriented, people-oriented and appropriate medium oriented departments.

Pros and Cons

Benefits: Due to the Education Department in the coordination between the various agencies improved. The formation of departments, a hierarchy, resulting in relief of instances ( forwarding station ), since the span of control is reduced. For department members, the complexity of the internal organizational environment is reduced and an identification with a manageable task possible, which may increase the motivation.

Cons: The Education Department but also attracts certain dysfunctions by themselves, because the identification with department tasks and goals can lead to division and selfishness to conflicts between departments, which in turn increases the coordination costs of the organization. In combination with occupational hierarchy levels (horizontal division ) occurs (human, informational, etc.) to island formation