Dixon Entrance

Geographical location

The Dixon Entrance is a strait with the dimensions of 50 to 80 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean on the border between the United States of America ( Alaska ) and Canada (British Columbia).

Their northern boundary are the islands Iceland Dall and Prince of Wales Iceland and the Clarence Strait in the Alexander Archipelago (both USA). In the south of the Straits of Haida Gwaii and Hecate Strait (both Canada ) is limited. Through it runs the Inside Passage.

The course of the border through the Strait is part of an area Disputes between Canada and the United States of America. The limit of the exclusive economic zone proceeds according to the U.S. view about the middle of the strait, while Canada claimed the entire strait for themselves.

The Dixon Entrance is named after the navigator George Dixon, who surveyed the area in 1787. They called in the language of the people native to this region of the Haida Seegaay.

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