Dizzy Reed

Darren " Dizzy " Reed ( born June 18, 1963 in Cleveland, Ohio ) is an American musician. In the spring of 1990, he was keyboardist for Guns N 'Roses and Axl Rose is now next to the only remaining member from the " Use Your Illusion - time " in the early 1990s. Previously, he played with bands such as " The Wild" and "Hairy Bananas ".

Musical career

Starts at Guns N 'Roses

To Guns N 'Roses Dizzy Reed came originally through private problems. He was referred to his apartment and asked Axl Rose, lead singer of Guns N ' Roses, for help. This lent him some money for the rent a new apartment. This eventually developed the long musical collaboration and membership in the rock band.

Dizzy Reed was for the first time with Guns N 'Roses in 1991 at the "Rock in Rio " - Festival in Brazil on the stage, where he played in front of 250,000 spectators. For this performance he said:

" My first live show with Guns N 'Roses what ' Rock In Rio '. It was like a blur. It was like: 'Man, I can not believe this! ' I would be completely Call lying and ridiculous if I said I was not nervous for that. "

Its up to that time the largest audience consisted of about 400 people.

Work with Guns N 'Roses

Dizzy Reed plays as a member of Guns N 'Roses mainly keyboard or piano or organ. In addition, you can see him during live performances on other instruments, such as Bongos or the tambourine.

Use Your Illusion

Since Reed still came illusion to Guns N 'Roses during the development of the double album Use Your, he could be involved with in the pieces contained therein. So he forms in several songs a background voice or plays on the organ (eg Do not Damn Me). Partly also important parts have been him on the keyboard or piano assigned ( Dust N 'Bones, Pretty Tied Up) in the song " Estranged " he even plays a short piano solo.

Musical work alongside Guns N 'Roses

Before he became a member of Guns N 'Roses Dizzy Reed worked together, among others, with the bands " The Wild" and "Hairy Bananas ".

He also played keyboards on the solo albums of former Guns N 'Roses members, as the bassist Duff McKagan. In addition, he worked with Slash's Snakepit.

Private and family life

Dizzy Reed is divorced and has three daughters and a son.