DJ Koze

DJ Koze ( * 1972 in Flensburg; civil Stefan Kozalla ) is a German DJ, musician and label owner.


In the early 1990s he began as a rapper and DJ at various hip hop groups in Flensburg. 1991 DJ Koze at the German DMC Championship reached ( an offshoot of the Disco Mix Club ) in second place. Two years later he moved to Hamburg and, together with Cosmic DJ, Stachy and the " terrible Sven " the hip- hop band Fischerspooner, which persisted for about five years.

At the same time he was also involved in electronic music, boosted its reputation as a DJ and produced some remixes, sometimes under the pseudonym Adolf Noise. 1996 as " chillout radio play" designated wounds, see legs appeared open. Was particularly successful in 1999 its mixture of Blum field single thousand tears deep with the minimal house track Loverboy by Steve Bug. A collection of such remixes was released in 2000 under the title Music Is Okay.

With Max Goldt as speaker, he published in 2001 as Adolf Noise, the single Your rhymes are pigs ( real pigs), a satire on Battle Rap Tracks in the German hip hop.

Together with Cosmic DJ and Erobique he founded the project International Pony, from the 2002 album We Love Music and 2006 LP With you we appeared four.

Since 2003, published Koze several techno - Maxis at the Cologne Kompakt label under the name Monaco Schranze ( a corruption of Monaco Franze and Schranz ). There his second mix CD entitled All People Is My Friends was released in 2004.

As a DJ, he joined, among others, even with large raves as SonneMondSterne, Melt!, Time Warp, Mayday and Nature One. In reader surveys the music magazines Spex, Intro and de: bug, he was elected several times to the DJ of the year.

The current under the name of Adolf Noise productions are generally experimental and quirky. Again, the already known from Fischmob times, often almost klamaukige Humor comes into play. After wounds, s legs open was released in April 2005, the second Adolf Noise Album Where the Rammelsberg wool flies. The single Too much time? it is sampling in an ironic way an expression of the pop singer Gunter Gabriel during an appearance in Eisleben in September 2004, by which these insults the audience as unemployed and had thereby caused a scandal in East Germany. Since 2009 he runs the label Pampa Records.

In 2013 he released his album on Pampa Records amygdala. He was also in the official charts of Germany and Switzerland for the first time. In addition, he was awarded at the Echo Awards 2014, the Critics' Prize.

Kozalla lives since 1996 in the Hamburg district of St. Georg.

Discography (selection)


  • ECHO Pop 2014: in the category " Critics Award " ( amygdala )