DJ Magazine

DJ Magazine is a monthly British magazine, which first came on 31 January 1991 relating to the trade and is one of the most prestigious trade magazines within the disc jockey scene. Postponed it is the company Thrust Publishing in London with a circulation of around 30,000 copies. Independent expenditures, there is also in China, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Ukraine. The content of the magazine is mainly dedicated to electronic dance music as well as the topics nightlife, art and fashion.

Since 2011, a German edition, the content has been expanded by an additional issues, such as lifestyle, art and culture. The German license issue also has a circulation of about 30,000 copies and is published on the last Friday of each month in the twelve issues per year. It is, as the British mother sheet, aligned equally versatile and reports on national and international issues. The focus is, however, increasingly on the domestic disc jockey scene. Is responsible for the appearance of the company Boom Bang Publishing, based in Frankfurt am Main.

DJ Mag Top 100

Particularly well known is the magazine through their choice of the top 100 DJs. This is held annually since 1997 and registered in 2010 more than 500,000 voters from 235 countries. In recent years, this choice has enjoyed great attention in the scene and they will gladly refer for promotional purposes of the DJs. Due to the popularity already attempts have been made to manipulate the choice. It can now be seen as a commercial spectacle, because when really looking rankings for DJs. There appear also people that do not occur as DJs.

The following DJs have stayed several times in the top 5:

There is also a choice of the top 100 clubs, which was won in 2009 by the Berlin techno club Berghain before last year's winner Fabric in London and Space in Ibiza.