DJ QBert

DJ QBert (born 7 October 1969 in Daly City; bourgeois Richard Quitevis ) is co-founder and one of the most important DJs in American turntablism scene. In addition to DJ Disk and DJ Flare He is a pioneer of turntablism; many of today's most experienced Scratches are his invention. QBerts name derives from the arcade game Q * bert from 1982.

The DJ from San Francisco has been busy in the early 1980s with the laying on of plates. Together with Mixmaster Mike and DJ Apollo, he formed the crew FM20. At the invitation of Crazy Legs, who had seen them put on in New York, they became members of the Rock Steady Crew. As a Rock Steady DJs they won the 1992 DMC Championships and won also in the subsequent.

DJ QBert also founded the legendary turntablism crew Invisibl Skratch Piklz The, other members are Yogafrog, D-Styles and DJ Flare.

Published in 1998 the first pure QBert Scratch album called Wave Twisters. For this album emerged in 2001, a complete, eponymous cartoon; Images and animations were designed here later to match the sound.

QBerts record label Dirtstyle Records is one of the most important in the pure scratch disks, so records, which are not intended for normal listening, but contain only a short beat loops and sound and voice samples sector.

Awards and creds

  • DMC USA Champion 1991
  • DMC World Champion 1992
  • DMC World Champion 1993
  • DMC World Champion 1994
  • DMC Judge 1995
  • DMC DJ Hall of Fame (along with Mix Master Mike)
  • Acted in Hang the DJ Cannes Film Festival, France
  • Sundance Festival, Colorado


  • Scratch the Movie (2001)