DJ Sharpnel

DJ Sharpnel is a stage name of Japanese musicians Jea and Lemmy. About her Dōjin label Sharpnelsound they publish their albums Happy Hardcore, Speedcore, Gabber and trance works.

Genesis and genre

DJ Sharpnel arose when Jea joined to the Project Gabbangelion and these later album " Sharpnel vs. Project Gabbangelion " brought out. DJ Sharpnels track are often brightened with Japanese pop music or spoken samples from various anime.

Hard rave Much of the selling Sharpnel sound records, as well as management by the online radio station, is by Guhroovy, a primarily hardcore record store located in Shibuya and is distributed by DJ Chucky. Apart from their productive Discography DJ Sharpnel has also produced tracks for other Japanese brands such as Maddest Chickn'dom, Ravin Beatz Japan, and Gabba Disco.


DJ Sharpnel has different artists names used during their publication, depending on the specific style of the track or album. The main aliases were " DJ Sharpnel " ( standard hardcore and happy hardcore style, with Lemmy ) and " Killingscum " ( terror, speedcore, breakcore and style, only with Jea ). SHARPNEL.NET is the name for the collaborative " performance project " of Sharpnelsound label with Jea as live DJ, and Lemmy as live VJ. According to their MySpace page, DJ Sharpnel is the name on the albums produced, Killingscum the name when Jea has solo performances. Besides Killingscum Jea used the name " DJ Jea ".

Other groups Aliases were used when Jea and Lemmy collaborated with other artists such as Project Gabbangelion ( with Jea Viscion and Tangion ) and High Speed ​​Music Team Sharpnel ( with Jea, La - Quebrata, Jun- Q, Quebradora, and Lemmy ).


DJ Sharpnel 's discography is very large, an estimated 53 albums in which they have contributed, and at least ten albums that are their own songs. For most albums in the SRPC series there were two versions. The first version was a CD-R that was issued at the Comiket, and a second printed version sold in stores. The CD-R versions have been produced in smaller quantities, and are therefore rare and usually have a slightly different tracklist than the retail version.