DKW F 12 (1965 )

DKW F11 and F12 were DKW small car of the automobile manufacturer Auto Union.


The DKW F12 dissolved in January 1963 from the DKW Junior. He was an evolved Junior de Luxe basically. The changes included, among other things, an increased front and rear, a larger front grille, heating with heat exchanger and blower, and large oblong taillights. At the request of F12, as it did the junior, was offered with two-tone paint.

The F12 was powered by a three-cylinder two -stroke engine with 889 cc, 40 hp and automatic fresh oil systems, the nearly 125 km / h made ​​the equipped with inboard disc brakes car fast. The suspension and frame concept was taken over by the Junior and expanded to include a stabilizer bar on the front axle. The wheelbase was lengthened compared to the junior by 75 mm. As of February 1965, the höherverdichtende 45 - hp version of the 900 engine was fitted, which the driving performance increased slightly. This version had a standard gearbox with freewheel, which the unpleasant jerking in push mode - during power-off - eliminated.

F12 Roadster

The DKW F12 roadster, a convertible with the 45 -horsepower engine, was introduced in September 1963 and produced by the beginning of 1964 until the beginning of 1965 in a small series of Baur body and vehicle in Stuttgart.

The presented simultaneously with the DKW F102 in August 1963 car was a simplified version of the DKW F12 with its body, but technically a simple Junior de Luxe with a 34 hp engine with 796 cc displacement. The F11 was available until June 1965.

After the takeover by the Volkswagen plant, the Auto Union presented mid-1965 the production of two-stroke cars a final. The SUV DKW Munga was built until December 1968 for the German Army. Due to insufficient market success of those considered outdated two-stroke engines, the company had come to the brink of insolvency.


  • L2 = 2 -door sedan
  • Cb2 = 2-door convertible


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