DLC stands for:

Information Technology:

  • The processor architecture DLC, see Cyrix Cx486
  • Data -length code field includes the length information of the following data in a CAN - message
  • Data Link Control, is a network protocol
  • Download Link Container (file extension dlc. ), A file format for the container files of JDownloaders
  • Distribution Line Carrier / Communications, occasionally used as a synonym for PLC (Power Line Communications ) used data transmission over power lines, check carrier frequency system
  • Downloadable content, distributed over the Internet add- ons for computer games

Science and technology:

  • Diamond - like carbon ( English), diamond-like amorphous carbon
  • Distance to Line Crossing (English, " above the track mark" ), a criterion for lane departure warning
  • Double Layer Capacitor, see double -layer capacitor


  • Dual- listed company structure, a form of company
  • Germany Card, a customer loyalty program of arvato AG
  • Dillen & Le Jeune Cargo, Belgian railway company, now merged with the Crossrail AG


  • Danube Conference Lacrosse, a sport association
  • Democratic Leadership Council, a think tank of the Democrats in the U.S.
  • The language encoding for Älvdalisch SIL International
  • The IATA code for the airport Dalian Zhoushuizi in China
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