Dlhé Klčovo

Dlhé Klčovo (Slovak 1927-1948 " Kolčovské Dlhé " - to 1927 " Klčové Dlhé "; Hungarian Kolcsmező - to 1907 Kolcshosszúmező ) is a municipality in eastern Slovakia with 1402 inhabitants ( 31 December 2011), which in Okres Vranov nad Topľou, part of the Prešov Region is located and belongs to the traditional landscape Zemplín.


The municipality is located in the northern part of the East Slovak Lowland, between the rivers Topľa in the west and in the east Ondava. The municipality covers 10.34 km ² in total and is largely flat and covered by floodplain. The center is located at an altitude of 117 m nm and eleven kilometers from Vranov nad Topľou away.

Dlhé Klčovo is the lowest-lying town of Prešov kraj.


The territory has been inhabited continuously since the 13th century and the place was for the first time in 1270 as Hussceumezeu (other sources give 1300 as the only Hozyvmezee ) mentioned in writing. The village was the traditional agricultural character and was a local nobles. At that time the village was already equipped with a church, but the first evidence of a priest date from the year 1331st

1787 were counted 95 houses and 743 inhabitants in 1828 142 houses and 1,053 inhabitants.


According to the 2011 census lived in Dlhé Klčovo 1,410 inhabitants, of whom 1,384 Slovaks, Czechs and 3 1 Ukrainians. 22 inhabitants gave no indication. 964 residents pleaded with the Roman Catholic Church, 381 inhabitants to the Greek Catholic Church, the Evangelical Church 19 inhabitants, 4 neighbors to the Orthodox Church, and two inhabitants to the Reformed Church. 14 residents were non-denominational and 26 inhabitants, the denomination is not determined.

Results according to the census 2001 (1.413 inhabitants):

After Ethnicity:

  • 96.67 % Slovaks
  • 2.19% Roma
  • 0.21 % Czechs
  • 0.07 % Ukrainians

After Confession:

  • 70.42 % Roman Catholic
  • 27.46 % Greek Catholic
  • 1.13 % no answer
  • 0.50% no religious affiliation
  • 0.35% Evangelical


  • Roman Catholic Holy Trinity Church from 1835, which replaced a medieval church
  • Greek Catholic Assumption Church from 1925

Culture and Sport

In the village there is a folklore ensemble called " Rovina ". Every year there is the folk dance competition " Šaffova ostroha ".

The local football club is called OcFK Dlhé Klčovo, the A- team plays in the fourth Slovak League North. In the village there is also a bodybuilding club.


In Dlhé Klčovo are a public water supply, gas lines, partially finished sewer connected to a sewage treatment plant. In the village there is a two-class nursery school, a primary school and a library; the nearest post office is located in the neighboring Sačurov. The village can be reached 3rd order on a road connections are on the streets first order in Sačurov and in Hencovce.