Primary submarines, including the Class 212, surface units possible

The DM2A4 hake is a heavy torpedo, which was specially developed for the German submarine class 212. The torpedo corresponds with its diameter of 533 mm (21 inches) to the current standard in NATO.

In the model developed by STN Atlas Elektronik Torpedo DM2A4 " hake " - export designation " Seahake Mod 4" - is it an evolution of the already introduced on the submarine Type 206 torpedoes DM2A3. The DM2A4 is a light guide steered multipurpose torpedo to combat over-water and underwater targets.

It can be used by both surface ships and submarines from. His case depth is up to 300 m. Assembly takes place depending on the application requirements and contract selectively with one to four ZnAgO compact batteries. In the standard configuration with four batteries of torpedo made ​​with wire tape a length of seven meters. It is powered by a permanent magnet motor. If the fiber optic expired, the onboard electronics of the torpedo controls the attack. The torpedo head contains the two sensors, the torpedo sonar and wake sensor. These passive and active sensors, the torpedo goes in search of his goal. Should the torpedo miss the target, the electronics can control a second attack ( "re -attack "). The probability of detection of extremely silent running torpedoes should be very low. This marks the beginning makes no noise, the torpedo is pressed silently with water from the pipe. Only then start the two screws to run.

The DM2A4 is also offered in a cheaper variant with only one battery and without wire steering as " Medium Speed ​​and Range Wake Homing Torpedo ". Its length is four meters here.

He should continue to be expanded and modified in the future Thanks to its modular concept. By incorporating a special payload module use as underwater drone (Unmanned Undersea Vehicle / UUV ) is possible.