DMO is an abbreviation for:

  • Destination management organization or destination marketing organization, see Tourist Association # structures and organization
  • German model sports organization, a model sports insurance, Wuppertal
  • Digital metal tracking device, see Metal Detector
  • Dip moveout, a key figure in the seismic
  • Direct Mode Operation in TETRA networks, see Terrestrial Trunked Radio # DMO
  • Direct Model Output, a method of numerical weather prediction
  • DirectX Media Objects, a collection of components for digital processing of media data
  • Distributed Management Objects, an interface for the automated management of Microsoft SQL Server installations
  • Domodedovo Airlines (Russian Домодедовские авиалинии, Domodedowskije awialini ), a former Russian airline based in Moscow after the ICAO code
  • Sedalia Memorial Airport in Sedalia, Missouri, USA, after the IATA code
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