DMS is an abbreviation for:

  • Document management system, database driven management of electronic documents
  • Deadline monotonic scheduling, a scheduling method in computer science
  • Dealer Management System, an IT system as a platform for all processes of a car dealership (vehicle order, configurator, etc.)
  • Degrees Minutes Seconds, an angular, see minute of angle
  • Strain gauges, measuring resistance to strain measurement
  • Derma - membrane structure, used in connection with ointments and creams for skin-like structure name (medicine)
  • German engineering and shipbuilding companies in the GDR, see Combine shipbuilding
  • German team championships swimming meets the national leagues in ball sports
  • German furniture shipping, nationwide cooperation of medium Möbeltransportbetriebe
  • German Oral Health Study The four studies (2010 ) bear Roman numerals, ie DSM I ( 1989), DSM II ( 1992), DMS III (1997), DMS IV (March 2005 - November 2006)
  • Diffuse mesangial sclerosis, a form of glomerulopathy, renal disease
  • Digital Management Solutions, DMS EXPO, title of an annual exhibition and conference in Cologne
  • Digital Media Store, a standard way to store large amounts of data and exchange
  • Digital Motion Synthesis
  • Dimethyl sulfate, a chemical compound
  • Dimethyl sulfite, a chemical compound
  • Dimethyl sulfide, a chemical compound
  • Dimethyl sulfoxide, a chemical compound
  • Diplommittelschule, a type of school on the secondary level
  • Disk Masher System, one on the Amiga used compression method to compress images from floppy diskettes.
  • Recorded dissertation registration office and coordinates the activities carried out in Austria, Switzerland and the Federal Republic of Germany PhD project in the area of ​​musicology
  • DMS control, a clinical diagnostic methods for the examination of the blood circulation, motor and sensory

Dms is the proper modern book, a project of fourteen German and Swiss publishing houses to publish non-fiction books, published in 100 volumes from 1962 to 1971

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