The abbreviation stands for DN:

  • Dagens Nyheter, a Swedish newspaper
  • Nominal Diameter, English for the nominal diameter ( Mounting dimension ) of pipes, fittings and components
  • The sailboat class symbol of the " DN- slide ", a boat in the ice sailing
  • Diário de Notícias, a Portuguese newspaper
  • Distinguished Name, a unique object in LDAP directories
  • Domain name, the name of a domain on the Internet
  • Dominus noster, late antique Kaisertitulatur
  • Donor Number, in chemistry, a qualitative measure of the Lewis basicity
  • Dos Navigator, a file manager for DOS (Norton Commander Clone )
  • Bahnhof Dresden -Neustadt ( according to DS 100)
  • Duke Nukem, a computer game
  • Dynamit Nobel, former German chemical and defense companies
  • Dysplastic nevus, brownish skin lesion as a potential precursor of malignant melanoma
  • Nigeria after the ICAO code
  • The post code area Doncaster ( as the initial letters of a postcode from the UK )

DN as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Kreis Düren
  • India: Dadra and Nagar Haveli
  • Moldova: Rajon Donduşeni
  • Netherlands: mopeds
  • Norway: Oslo
  • Sweden: diplomatic plates for Venezuela

The abbreviation dn stands for:

  • Delta amplitudinis, a Jacobi elliptic function in mathematics

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