Dobrowelytschkiwka (Ukrainian Добровеличківка; Russian Добровеличковка / Dobrowelitschkowka ) is an urban-type settlement in the Central Ukraine near the geographic center of the country.

Dobrowelytschkiwka is the Rajonzentrum of Rajons Dobrowelytschkiwka in Kirovohrad Oblast. Its population is 6,976 inhabitants (as of 19 November 2006). The population has decreased: in 1975 there were 11,300 residents in 1990 was 8,700. The zip code is 27004, the settlement council municipality comprises the actual place as well as the two villages Warwaro - Olexandriwka ( Варваро - Олександрівка ) and Marjiwka ( Мар'ївка ).


The settlement was founded in the second half of the 18th century. The founder and namesake of Dobrowelytschkiwka was Jaroslaw Welytschkiwskyj, a wealthy prince whose pedigree went on influential Cossacks. The Principality took over the family Rewutskyj; as a result of the place name was changed to Rewutsk in 1822. Since 1883, the place is called again Dobrowelytschkiwka. On September 23, 1935 Dobrowelytschkiwka has been administratively assigned to the Rajon Tyschkiwskyj, and since June 7, 1957 Dobrowelytschkiwka is itself an administrative- territorial center of Rajons with its 43,300 inhabitants.

Just as the entire central Ukraine, also Dobrowelytschkiwka was affected by the mass extinction by the famine in the years 1931-1933. The exact number of victims can be calculated hardly.


Dobrowelytschiwka located near the geographical center of Ukraine. As accurate center applies a point about 700 meters northwest of the city limits, which is marked with a monument.

The settlement lies (Ukrainian: Придніпровська височина ) on the southwest side of the Dneprhochlands at an altitude of 171 meters above the sea level. 44 km north of the small river Synjucha, 72 kilometers south of the river Chorny Tashlyk runs (Ukrainian: Чорний Ташлик ).

To the north, along the main highway, lie the settlements Lypnjaschka and Tyschkiwka. To the south lies the settlement Pischanyj Brid ( Піщаний Брід ). The nearest rail link is 24 miles south in Pomitschna.


Since Dobrowelytschkiwka located in the forest-steppe zone, there is moderate rainfall. There are a total of 7 humid and arid 4 months a year. At least one month of the year is a change of month. The average rainfall per year is 550 mm. The air pressure is comparable constant and remains on average at 1017 hPa, the wind comes predominantly from the south in winter, in summer mainly from the northwest. The summer average temperature is 21 ° C, in winter it is -5 ° C.

The soils of the region are from the podzol soils; the upper layer is highly exposed to erosion.


Up to 90 % of the economic output of Dobrowelytschkiwka makes agriculture. The remainder is generated by services, textile and construction industries.

Agriculture mainly concentrates on both the piggery on the cultivation of sunflowers and wheat.