Document file format

A document format is a file format for electronic text documents and other electronic documents. The variety of document formats, the exchange of documents designed sometimes difficult. On the other hand, any document format certain properties that make it ideal for specific purposes.

International standardized document formats

The International Organization for Standardization ISO has certified several document formats with different characteristics. The most widely used document format for editable documents is safe Office Open XML, ISO / IEC 29500. And for the PDF format, there are ISO standards. There are even several, a general standard and a limited standard with specialization in archiving. The Open Document Format (ODF ), there is another, alternative document format. Standardized document formats are generally supported by a variety of office suites, including current versions of Open Office, KOffice and Microsoft Office.

The ODF standard called IEC DIS 26300 (XML)

Known document formats

SGML / XML-based document formats

The following document formats are based on XML or SGML.

One advantage of XML is the easy way of structured research and further processing by information extraction.