Dodge Stratus

Chrysler Stratus Sedan (1999-2000)

The Chrysler Stratus is a car model of the upper middle class of the U.S. manufacturer Chrysler.

It was offered from 1995 to 2000 as a saloon and from 1996 to 2001 as a convertible. The successor to the Chrysler Stratus Chrysler Sebring.


The Chrysler Stratus was offered with closed bodies in Europe only in four-door version. The vehicle was launched in 1995 in the U.S. Chrysler Cirrus on the market; with its platform YES it was identical except for equipment details with the models Plymouth Breeze and Dodge Stratus. The name Stratus received the Chrysler variant for the 1995 commencing sales in Europe. At its launch on the European market, the body design was broadly that of the Dodge Stratus for the North American market; only the brand emblems and lettering were the Chrysler brand. The rigid mirrors the U.S. version have been replaced for the European market through flexible designs.

The technique of exported to Europe car was adapted to the given legal regulations, or the increased loads driven by higher speeds. Thus, the Stratus received standard disc brakes on the rear axle, a tighter tuning of the shock absorbers, a transmission oil cooler for vehicles with automatic transmissions, side repeaters and the statutory headlight range adjustment of the headlight.

With a facelift of the Dodge front grille was replaced in 1998 by the equally renewed Chrysler Cirrus. He now wore a chrome frame and embedded on the black grill in chrome wings new Chrysler emblem. At the tailgate accounted for the taken over by the Dodge trim and has been replaced by the equally renovated Dodge Stratus appropriate lettering.

The interior of the Chrysler Stratus was based on the trim levels of the Chrysler Cirrus, in comparison with those of the Dodge Stratus and Plymouth Breeze were performed superior.

The Stratus was available as a sedan in three trim levels:

  • LE 2.0, 98 kW ( 133 hp ) R4 engine, manual transmission, fabric covers
  • LX 2.0, 98 kW ( 133 hp ) R4 engine, automatic transmission
  • LX 2.5, 120 kW (163 hp) V6 engine, automatic transmission, leather interior, applications in wood imitation, CD changer and Others


The Chrysler Stratus Convertible Chrysler is the successor to the Chrysler LeBaron. In Europe, offered as Stratus Cabriolet, the vehicle complies the products sold in the United States, Chrysler Sebring Convertible.

The convertible was produced on a modified form of the JA platform ( JX ). In addition to a large trunk of 300 liters and with exposed roof it offers enough space for four people. Wrote history of Chrysler Stratus with its extensive special equipment and a very good price - performance ratio. In 1999, the car has a facelift to recognize the larger grille. The successor of the Stratus Cabrio in 2001 won in Europe then also the name of Sebring.

The following models and engine variants were offered:

  • LE 2.0 (built 1996-1997)
  • LX 2.0 (built 1996-2001)
  • LX 2.5 (built 1996-2001), 125 kW
  • Limited (built 2000-2001), 125 kW