Dodging and burning

Through the process of Abwedelns (also: holding ) is reduced in the exposure of photographic materials using a magnifier, the exposure time for certain parts of the image. Dodge is a way to compensate for excessive negative contrasts or to achieve special creative effects. The Dodge is in the photo lab usually in the exposure of positive material ( photo paper ) instead, and in this context, a brightening effect. By dodging can be, for example, the drawing in the shadow areas of an image to improve if they would be too weak without this intervention.

For Dodge can be accessed using the hand or a box into the beam path of the projection of the enlarger to reduce the falling on the photographic material amount of light to the desired image parts. To avoid stray light preferably black box is used for this purpose, which is held to achieve in the center situated games generally on a wire. Here, the box is constantly moving (hence the term " wag ") in order to avoid sharp edges. The duration of the intervention into the beam path is determined by means of test strips.

The reverse process - the partial increase the amount of light to image sharing - is called Burn.

Image processing

Modern image processing programs provide tools that mimic their effect the manual process of Abwedelns and allow the partial lightening in digital image processing.

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