Dodori National Reserve

IUCN Category II - National Park


The Dodori National Reserve (English: Dodori National Reserve ) is a nature reserve in the northern coastal area of Kenya ( Lamu district ), near the border with Somalia. It was founded in 1976 to protect the topi, pelicans and other native birds.

The Dodori National Reserve is 877 km ² and is located at 0 to 100 m above sea level. It is located very close to the Boni National Reserve 339 km ². In Somalia, it is adjacent to the 1,300 -acre lag Badana National Park (also paint Badana ).

Along the Dodori Creek there are mangrove swamps and seasonally flooded grasslands. Further inland forest grows. Due to the park's namesake river Dodori, which flows into the Indian Ocean flows. The annual rainfall is 1500 mm.

In Dodori National Reserve Topi, Small kudus, giraffes, hippos and lions occur. It serves as a breeding area for many species of birds including the pelican. In the river delta live green turtles that nest on the river banks, and dugongs. The elephant numbers are not constant, the stocks in the hinterland along the border with Somalia are severely threatened by poaching. In 1973 there were in the area around Lamu and Garissa still over 20,000 elephants in 1987 it was below 1000.