Doha Convention Center Tower

The Doha Convention Center Tower is a construction project to a 112 - story skyscraper in Doha, the Qatari capital.

Construction began in late 2008, but in mid-2009 was suspended indefinitely in time for economic reasons. Even after the start of construction could be found for the building hardly tenants. Originally, the completion for the year 2012 was planned. The building would have a height of 551 meters one of the highest in the world. The silhouette of the skyscraper rises into very slender shape and is slightly narrower towards the top. Up to a height of 426 meters, the normal building is rich ( reinforced concrete ), over which a steel frame to follow, up to the roof in 551 meters. In the lower section are in accordance with the plans hotel rooms arise during further provided above apartments.

The configured skyscraper is part of the Doha Convention Center, a large conference center. On the rest of the building complex is constructed as before, only the work on the tower are set.