Doing business as

Doing business as ( in English literally " tätigend business as" ) - abbreviated DBA or d / b / a - is a legal term in United States law. It means that a company (legal person) or entrepreneurs (natural person) conducting business at other than its rightful name.

This concept is also known as a fictitious business names ( " fictitious business name " ) or Assumed business names ( " assumed business name "). The form to apply for a DBA is officially Certificate of Assumed Name and must be applied, in which a branch or subsidiary of the Company established in each county. The details of the process may vary from state to state.

Normally, a business or entrepreneur to do business only under its rightful name. If a fictitious or alternate name is required, it must be registered with the DBA. This should especially protect the consumer, who must have a way to contact the rightful owner of the company. Moreover, no bank transactions to be undertaken under the fictitious name without DBA.

For example, the company " Jane & John Doe Doughnut Bakery, Inc." wants to open a shop as " JJ Super Donuts ". A DBA is then applied for in the latter (fictitious) name.

The DBA is roughly equivalent to the company under German law, with the difference that, for example, a limited liability company is only one company (ie a name ) can have, while the number of alternative DBAs is not limited.

In Switzerland were allowed, in addition to the company name, a business name or Enseigne ( locality -based) are used and registered in the commercial register.