Doksany ( German Doxan ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located ten kilometers south of Litoměřice an der Eger and belongs to Okres Litoměřice.


Doksany located on the right side of Eger opposite Brozany nad Ohri on a branch of the river. In the north, the 209 m high hill rises Skala. South of the town, the route crosses the D8/Europastraße Highway 55 to the exit 35 " Doksany ". By Doksany leads the state road 608 between nad Ohri Budyně and Terezín.

Neighboring towns are Dolánky nad Ohri and Skala in the north, Rohatce in the east, Nové Dvory the southeast, Kliment and Hostěnice in the south, Brozany nad Ohri in the west and Brňany in the northwest.


1144 donated Vladislav II and his wife Gertrude of Babenberg the Premonstratensian Doksany. To the monastery arose Homesteads and upstream on the island of St. Kliment was located on the site of the present monolayer Kliment Mury the village, which was the monastery 's servants. In 1220 Ottokar I. Přemysl Mury city rights. In the summer of 1421, the monastery of the priest and army commander of the Hussites January Želivský was burned during a campaign through Northern Bohemia.

1432 Mury was swept away by a high tide of Eger to the church and two houses. After the destruction of their inhabitants built away from the river, the new settlement Nové Dvory.

In 1498 the city Doxan for 40,000 marks in silver after Freibergischem weight was transferred to the elders of the Meissen Margrave Wilhelm. 1726 abbey brewery was founded.

After the dissolution of the monastery during the Josephine reforms from 1782, it served first as a hospital and barracks. 1790 acquired Princess Teresa Poniatowski possession and had the monastery to castle Terespol rebuild. In 1797 the k.k. Colonel and commander of the fort of Theresienstadt Jakob Wimmer owner of the domain Doxan, who continued the transformation of plants. 1804 Wimmer sold the castle and the surrounding land to Johann Anton Lexa Aehrenthal. The grandson Alois Lexa von Aehrenthal tried 1888 Terespol castle as monastery Doksany to revive and to settle Premonstratensian.

After the end of World War II the Barons Lexa were expropriated and their castle and estate to state property in Roudnice nad Labem is over. 1946, the brewery was shut down. In 1998 the monastery was again passed into ownership of the Roman Catholic Church.

Local structure

For the community Doksany no districts are reported.


  • Monastery Doksany