Dolby Digital Plus

Dolby Digital Plus (DD ) is a multi -channel sound system of Dolby. It was developed specifically for use in high-definition television HDTV and the DVD successor formats HD-DVD and Blu- ray Disc. The codec supports data rates up to 6 Mbit / s ( DVD: 448 kbit / s ) and up to 13.1 channels. DD is the successor to the widely used mainly by the DVD Dolby Digital.

The support of Dolby Digital Plus codecs is optional for Blu -ray players. Therefore, the usual on Blu -ray Disc version of Dolby Digital Plus in the rule contains a backward-compatible core, which is compressed in the conventional Dolby Digital process (5.1 channels). The user can, depending on the capabilities of its other playback component, select the BD player settings determine whether the complete Dolby Digital Plus signal or only the backward-compatible core is to be used.

In contrast, the now no longer persecuted HD - DVD standard called for the support of Dolby Digital Plus by the playback compulsory ( mandatory). The variant used on HD-DVD DD was not backwards compatible with the older Dolby Digital. Therefore, a HD - DVD player had to both be able to decode Dolby Digital Plus audio track itself, as to convert a DD audio track in real time on a conventional Dolby Digital signal.


  • Data rate: 32-6144 kbit / s
  • Channels: 14 (13.1) channels
  • Sampling rate: 48 or 96 kHz
  • Bit depth: up to 24 bits
  • Compatibility: Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic


A native digital transmission of DD ( official abbreviation: E- AC-3) is currently provided only via HDMI. Due to low bandwidth of the S / PDIF interface is in DD is a real-time conversion of about 6 Mbit / s performed at lower bandwidths, so that the PDIF and Toslink interface can output a signal.

In use

Dolby Digital Plus was used as the primary sound option on the HD DVD. Today DD is shown in " slimmed-down " form on Blu -ray discs, and there is on all channels of SimpliTV (DVB -T2 ) in Austria / Servus TV (DVB -S2) in Austria and Germany as well as some stations of the French terrestrial television TNT broadcast (a type extended DVB -T).

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