Dolphin Browser

10.2.6 Android ( 26 February 2014)

IOS 7.5.1 ( October 8, 2013 )

Dolphin Browser is a web browser for mobile devices, which is available for mobile operating systems Android, Apple iOS and bada. It is based on WebKit, but has in some versions use an engine. The browser of the company MoboTap Inc. Developed The main product is called Dolphin Browser, but there are for Android is a mini version and a version for tablet computers. It supports gesture control, add- ons, since version 10.1 and Flash designs.

  • 3.1 Dolphin Browser Jetpack

Platforms and Versions


For Android 2.0.1 or later, there is the actual Dolphin Browser, which can be expanded with add-ons and also supports Flash. With the update to 10.0.4, the translations have been improved since version 10.1.0, you can use designs that allow you to color customize the browser interface.

The Dolphin Browser Mini is a scaled down version for older Android-powered devices. The time this takes operating system Android version is 1.6 or higher.


For the operating system Apple iOS Dolphin for iPhone exist for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch as well as Dolphin for iPad for iPad. It is assumed in the iOS version 4.3 or higher.


In Samsung's bada operating system developed by Samsung Dolphin version is used as the default browser. The latest and last version is 2.0.

Add- ons and Themes

The Dolphin Browser allows the use of add- ons and themes. These can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Dolphin Browser Engine

With Dolphin Browser Beta in August 2012 appeared a version with a specially developed HTML 5 rendering engine. This version applies, according with over 450 of possible 500 points, as one of the most compatible and fastest HTML 5 -enabled Web browser for Android.

Dolphin Browser Jetpack

The browser add -on Dolphin Browser Jetpack specially developed HTML 5 rendering engine, the Dolphin browser can be refitted and is in contrast to the Dolphin Browser Beta available in Google Play Store.

Privacy concerns

In October 2011, privacy concerns about the Dolphin browser were noisy because this sent each requested URL in plain text to a server of developers. The developers gave to this criticism in a blog entry known to the tracking function was needed for a feature names Webzine, but no data would be stored permanently. The function was disabled, according to the blog entry with version 7.0.2.